Electronic Medical Records Analyst

Date Posted: 11/04/2021

We are seeking an individual with experience reviewing and deciphering EMR, including patient chart revision history and audit trails.  One of our fastest-growing practice areas focuses on performing investigations of EMR and assistance with obtaining the complete patient EMR as it relates to medical malpractice litigation.  We work for defendant and plaintiff attorneys, helping them to obtain the complete revision history of events that transpired surrounding unfortunate and often tragic patient outcomes.  This is an emerging career area with a great opportunity for growth and earnings potential.  This role has the future potential to be part time remote once mastery of our process has been obtained and after achieving required billable hour thresholds.


  • Review litigation complaints and construct a high-level timeline of events and case summary for project matters.
  • Engage with the client to obtain all necessary information, such as:
    • Copy of the complaint for the matter.
    • Summary of healthcare providers and other key individuals, as well as their roles in the medical malpractice case matter.
    • Obtain the complete patient EMR, reformat the data to become searchable and paginate one file per page with appropriate Bates labeling matching the file name and review.
    • Obtain the complete patient EMR audit trail for reformulation and review.
    • Obtain and review interrogatories and requests to produce.
  • Make recommendations on additional items that need to be requested or amended to ensure all EMR has been requested to the best standards.
  • Review and analyze EMR and the audit trails to identify irregularities, deficiencies in the production, or apparent fabrication of entered data after adverse care events impacted the patient.
  • Create pivot tables of the EMR audit trail to show summaries, such as action types taken by staff over time.  (E.g. Deletion, View, Edit, Sign, Amend, etc..)
  • Assist clients with convincing the court to order an onsite inspection of the Hospital Information System, in order to obtain the complete EMR revision history.
  • Write affidavits in support of Motion to Compel onsite inspection of the EMR, detailing deficiencies or problems with the EMR produced thus far.
  • Perform onsite inspections directing health care provider’s IT staff to extract the patient’s complete EMR and revision history in a delimited and other formats.
  • Assist with other projects that relate to data analysis and document review for our other practice areas as required.


  • Expertise with at least one of the major HIS Packages (Epic, Cerner, Meditech, or All Scripts).
  • Excellent writing and communication skills.
  • Client-facing work experience.
  • Strong data analysis skills.
  • Strong spreadsheet skills.
  • Willingness to travel occasionally as required for non-remote, onsite inspections of patient EMR.
  • Experience as a healthcare provider or healthcare data analyst.

Helpful but not required:

  • SQL or database query construction experience
  • Experience using adobe Acrobat Pro to OCR, combine and extract files
  • Experience creating Pivot tables on popular spreadsheet platforms
  • Google Apps
  • Experience working as a Nurse
  • Experience working as a Paralegal
  • Experience working as a healthcare or hospital data analyst
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