eDiscovery Protocol Consulting

eDiscovery Protocol Consulting

Enigma Forensics has years of experience navigating court protocols relating to eDiscovery.

Our experts are knowledgeable in helping our clients construct eDiscovery protocols unique to their case circumstances. These protocols (a set of conventions governing the treatment of data in an electronic communications system) can become the catalyst and blueprint for eventual eDiscovery work important to your client’s litigation objectives.

Enigma Forensics can assist you in person and in front of the judge or arbitrator, with effectively presenting arguments supporting the discovery process. In addition, we can assist you with drafting Rule (30)(b)(6) Interrogatories to obtain an important understanding of an adversary’s ESI, or help you to respond to such interrogatories clarifying your own complex computerized systems and applications.

We have experience overcoming common objections made to the eDiscovery production process and are happy to assist you by providing an affidavit in support of the protocol we put forth, or in negotiating the protocol with your opposing ESI custodian of records.

Our success rate in assisting our clients in court has garnered us repeat business from many clients.

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