Data Breach Forensics Impact Analysis

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If you suspect that a data breach has occurred, then your organization needs experienced cyber security experts to perform a forensic data breach analysis, turn to Enigma Forensics.

Are you experiencing unusual events with your computer systems?

Do you have concerns that an insider did something to plant a logic bomb or other malware on your computer network?

Did you just receive notice that your files have been hit by ransomware? 

Are you concerned about the extent of problems caused by a computer hit with a keylogger or otherwise compromised?

Knowing the facts sooner than later can be very helpful in containing the impact of any data breach incident.

Enigma Forensics has expertise in detecting intrusions and providing our clients with:

1) Incident response

2) Network evidence collection & preservation

3) Firewall, Server and computer log file analysis

4) Attack source investigation & identification

5) Web server log analysis

6) NAS / SAN data recovery

7) Email Authenticity and Source Tracing

Rapid and full discovery of unauthorized access to computer systems is paramount in order to determine whether a cyber incident (e.g. attempted access) or a data breach (e.g. unauthorized access) has occurred.

Today, organizations experiencing a data breach must comply with breach notification laws (now in all 50 states in the U.S.).

In addition, those companies with cyber insurance are required to notify their insurance carriers as soon as they discover the cyber incident or data breach.[

Enigma Forensics staff have performed emergency incident response investigations for governments and corporations. Our staff have been successful in pinpointing the origins of a compromise to past employees, rogue external actors, and negligent actions of internal and outside technical support companies.  We have the experience to help you perform an investigation and guide you through the often challenging and difficult process of keeping your organization in tact while you do your best to avoid compliance violations or penalties.

If a matter proceeds to litigation, we are able to assist you with the discovery process. Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 30(b)(6) allows a corporation or other entity to designate a witness to testify on behalf of an organization, requiring only that the witness be able to testify about information “known or reasonably available to the organization.”

Enigma Forensics has years of experience in helping you illustrate your data breach readiness and preparedness measures taken to prevent, detect and mitigate a data breach.

If you are concerned about a recent data breach incident or other unusual event that took place on your computer network, please call Enigma Forensics today at 312-668-0333 or contact us for a complimentary cyber data breach expert consultation.

Data Breach Forensics is our specialty!

EMR Audit Trail Forensic Expert Lee Neubecker