Mobile Phone Forensics

The recent adoption of mobile devices is driving change in the mobile forensics industry, from the use of multiple devices, to field analysis, to obtaining social media evidence, to relying on Big Data, and addressing mobile phone malware.

As the demand for sophisticated mobile device investigators increases, Enigma Forensics can help your organization face the challenges presented by this trend. We can quickly and efficiently analyze data from a person’s cellular phone, tablet, GPS or other mobile media to provide you with a full picture about each person.

Enigma Forensics go beyond the forensics lab and into the field locally, where we can extract and produce robust evidence for state and federal investigations, search warrants, or in court.

eDiscovery is incomplete without taking time to examine data on user cellphones. Movements of the subject cell phone user are often tracked, detailing specific dates and times when the user was located at specific locations. Discovery of financial assets can be aided by the examination of a user’s cell phone data. Text messages, online dating applications, smart phone photos and much more data exist on a cell phone that may be important to establishing what and when certain events took place.

The impact of social media and mobile applications continues to grow, and with it, the importance of data collected from these applications. At Enigma Forensics, we have the capability to document different channels of communication involved in a crime in order to compare mobile device data and social data from a person’s persona.

Today, investigators need to extract relevant data and explain it to organizations, attorneys, insurance companies, judges and jurors. Enigma Forensics staff have the specialized experience in taking Big Data and presenting timelines, locations, and content relevant to the case.

The increase use of mobile devices has brought an increase in mobile malware along with it. Malware is a factor in fraud, theft of intellectual property, trade secrets theft, and other crimes. Enigma Forensics mobile phone forensic examiners are keenly aware of the impact of mobile malware assessments on civil and criminal litigation, offering you expertise in analyzing mobile malware with other evidence to be used in a court of law.

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