Computer Forensics & Cyber Investigations

cybersecurity and small business

Now more than ever, businesses need cybersecurity and computer forensics experts.

Whether you suspect a data breach has occurred, requiring an incident response, or need help with gathering evidence for your case through an investigation or eDiscovery, or need computer forensics or cyber expert witness to analyze, report or testify on a matter related to digitally stored information in litigation, you need a top-notch computer forensics analyst and firm to help you — Enigma Forensics.

Enigma Forensics is a multi-faceted Computer Forensics and Cyber Investigation firm based in Chicago, Illinois. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, financial services firms, healthcare-related entities, government agencies, top US law firms, and private organizations.

Enigma Forensics offers online investigative services, cyber readiness and response, computer forensics, eDiscovery, and litigation consulting services. More details on each service offering can be found at the listed service pages:

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We are able to image laptops, computers, cell phones, and ipads.

Chicago Regional Computer Forensics Lab

NIST Digital Forensics