Computer Forensic Expert Witness Reports & Testimony

Computer Forensic Expert Witness Reports & Testimony

Beyond the forensic assessment, your expert’s most important function is to subject his work to examination in a deposition or cross-examination in court.

The role of the computer forensics expert is to assist the judge or jury in understanding the electronic evidence, helping them to make factual decisions on the issues relating to electronically stored information that are involved in the case. The computer forensics expert witness must be able to correctly analyze and interpret the findings such that they survive challenge by other computer forensics experts.

The computer forensics expert needs to be adept at modeling time-based analytics in order to quickly correlate disparate data sets and identify illicit activities. For example, when employees leave an organization, there is an inherent risk that they will take sensitive, propriety data or trade secrets with them, either copied to external media or the cloud. Enigma Forensics offer a quick look at the activities of a recently-departed employee to assess the likelihood that trade secrets or other confidential business data has been stolen.

Before taking any legal action against someone suspected of wrongdoing, our computer forensics examination can go a long way in preventing needless and costly litigation your organization, since rogue employees or other bad actors may admit their wrongdoing when confronted with the facts.

A computer forensic expert examination and assessment is the foundation for the expert witness report and testimony. Today, the expert’s role is even more important in the complex area of data breaches and allegations of failed cyber security measures. Businesses of all sizes need to make cyber security part of their DNA in order to prevent the devastating impact of a data breach. Incident or data breach response plans that are not all-encompassing can result in a large financial loss and reputational damage.

Enigma Forensics is adept at conducting a forensic assessment to ascertain your risk level pre-breach, to know what data has been compromised or lost in a live breach, or post-breach. We have an excellent record of success in producing high-quality reports that have been deemed admissible in court. Our experts have provided expert testimony to regulatory authorities such as FINRA, in federal, state and county courts in Illinois, before the Attorney Registration and Disciplinary Commission, the EEOC and other government agencies as well as various arbitration hearings.

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