eDiscovery Protocol Consulting

Your legal services depend on the caliber of your electronic discovery (eDiscovery) experts used to collect and produce electronic stored information (ESI) during an investigation or lawsuit.

The recovery of data or hidden assets is in great demand while tracking electronic datasets is ever more complex.

Enigma Forensics has the knowledge and expertise to provide you with valuable information in a timely manner. We can locate and consolidate the ESI to support your case and recover active data on:

Almost every lawsuit now involves some sort of digital evidence, whether in a criminal case, intellectual property theft, or family law.

Enigma Forensics works directly with the client or assists our clients’ attorneys, using e-discovery tools to locate funds hidden during divorce proceedings, to produce data requested by the SEC, or to recover active data on:
● Computers
● Digital video surveillance systems
● Mobile phones
● Tablets
● Flash drives
● Hard drives
● Archive tape drives
● Servers and virtual machines
● Databases

Once the data is recovered, the files are indexed and stored for future eDiscovery.

Today, almost every criminal case, divorce case, corporate theft or espionage matter, or civil lawsuit involves some sort of digital evidence. Enigma Forensics has eDiscovery and ESI Data Mapping experts to meet your litigation support needs. We can help you negotiate the scope of the search to effectively manage the volume of data returned, before your review process must begin.

We are tenacious in going after and locating missing funds. We have successfully located and recovered assets hidden by a former partner of a Fortune 500 company, stolen by a corrupt government employee, assets hidden by a spouse during an impending divorce, or assets awarded in a legal judgment.

In addition, we have helped lawyers from some of the top US law firms handling SEC inquiries to preserve potentially relevant documents, securing materials that could be relevant in litigation. The company may need help in suspending deletion capabilities as well as preserving less obvious documents that the SEC typically requests, such as data stored on local drives or portable media, such as flash storage drives. Data extraction from company-issued devices needs to be handled with care to maintain data integrity, ensure chain of custody is established and ensure admissibility of the ESI.

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