Computer Forensics Analysis

Now more than ever, businesses need computer forensics experts.

Whether you suspect a data breach has occurred, requiring an incident response, or need help with gathering evidence for your case through an investigation or eDiscovery, or need a computer forensics expert witness to analyze, report or testify on a matter related to digitally stored information in litigation, you need a top-notch computer forensics analyst and firm to help you — Enigma Forensics.

Enigma Forensics is a multi-faceted Computer Forensics and Cyber Investigation firm based in Chicago. Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, top US law firms and private organizations.

How We Help

Computer Forensic Analysis

International cyber-crime is now at an all-time high, with underground suppliers on the dark web offering easy access to the tools, programming frameworks, and services required to carry out cyber-attacks.

Time is of the essence when a cyber-attack occurs. The race is on to ascertain the extent of the incident, whether it is in fact a data breach (requiring notification under applicable law) and how to mitigate or stop the attack.

Enigma Forensics have a successful track record in helping our clients determine the type and nature of the incident as well as the scope of individuals impacted, saving our clients the need to publicly broadcast what turned out to be an isolated and limited event.

Enigma Forensics offer our clients a sophisticated portfolio of discovery consulting, electronically stored data (ESI) forensics preservation, forensic analysis and investigations to help you identify the attackers, the attack vector, and how the attack can be mitigated or stopped.

Furthermore, Enigma Forensics provides litigation support services, helping you with the prompt collection of high-quality, reliable evidence of computer usage for pre-trial discovery, settlement negotiations, and court proceedings.

Here are some of the computer forensics analysis services that Enigma Forensics can offer our clients:

  • Data Mapping of an Organization’s ESI
  • Logical and Forensic Collection of ESI
  • Discovery Protocol Consulting
  • Password recovery and removal
  • Data decryption
  • Data recovery of deleted or encrypted files or storage devices
  • Data compression and imaging
  • Duplicate file elimination
  • Examination of log files and computer registry
  • Examination of website visit logs and internet cache
  • Email searches and review
  • Time-based analysis of metadata for computer usage evidence
  • Network Security Assessments
  • Software Code Analysis
  • File authenticity analysis to prove tampering

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