Forensic Data Collection

Enigma Forensics offers you a full array of litigation support services, including the forensic collection of electronically stored information (ESI) from electronic devices in order to preserve digital evidence is preserved according to legally admissible standards. Having the wrong vendor performing your ESI forensic collection can lead to a myriad of challenges when it is time to present that information in a court of law.

Enigma’s staff have been trained in various industry accepted methods used to collect ESI. Whether the EIS you are seeking to forensically collect is in the cloud, on social media, stored on a Virtualization Host Server, contained within a database, hosted or locally stored emails, patient medical record systems, deleted files, or data on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones, Enigma Forensics has the experience and equipment to ensure that your collection is managed without undue problems.

In litigation, when attorneys ask if the other side has conducted a complete search and gathering of potentially responsive data, Enigma Forensics are prepared to help you answer that question and can perform ESI Data Mapping services.

An ESI Data Map is a complete inventory of your client’s network and is created by allowing a subject matter expert or designated resource to inventory and document all available sources, including the owners of the application or source, whether it is currently in use or legacy as well as the relevant location, custodians, and data types.

The ESI data map should identify the relevant IT systems, describe their purpose and role, and answer critical discovery questions about the IT systems.

The ESI Data Map can be used to show that you have taken reasonable steps to learn the relevant sources of ESI and to create a plan to preserve and collect data.

For example, ESI data mapping allows you to start a privacy and security assessment. If you are collecting personally identifiable information (PII), your interview process can help you identify whether you have adequate security controls and storage of PII in your organization.

Some of our clients have taken the proactive step to create an ESI Data Map prior to any litigation, helping them determine their risk profile, and allowing them to save time and effort when they require an ESI Data Map for litigation purposes.

If you are seeking to forensically collect information from an adverse party, Enigma Forensics staff can assist you with preparing interrogatories, preparing deposition questions, researching what systems are used by your opponents via online reconnaissance, or engaging in an initial discovery meet and confer conference to ensure your forensic collection gets you the relevant data needed for discovery.

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