Online Investigations

Online Investigations

When a business or individual is facing the damaging effects of Internet defamation, cyber-squatting, counterfeiting, cyber-bullying, cyber harassment, or any type of online threat or invasion of privacy, it is imperative that the victim take immediate action to remove the harmful or unwanted content from the Internet and stop the online attacks.

Since the perpetrator is often anonymous, Enigma Forensics uses advanced data-modeling skills, correlating metadata and structured text queries, enabling us to successfully identify and locate people or organizations behind the attack.

Our online investigative process includes the analysis of software used to generate the graphics embedded to the post as well as the timing of various events. When analyzed with our advanced proprietary data models, we can often unlock the identity of the real person behind the post or email.

We have presented expert reports detailing our online investigative findings that have included an account of the similarities between an anonymous poster. Our online investigative reports have been persuasive in civil litigation proceedings in which we acquired a court order requiring the suspect poster to hand over their computer and electronic devices to us for a complete forensic inspection.

Our online investigators have the experience to help you achieve your goals in an efficient manner. Oftentimes, one must identify an anonymous online defamer or harasser in order to obtain a court order for removal of damaging online content, to stop further defamation or harassment, and to file for compensation. Our cyber experts have experience pursuing online perpetrators and can assist you or your legal counsel by providing the necessary support to get the court or law enforcement to initiate action against them. Sometimes the goal is simply to get the activity to stop and content removed without legal proceedings.

We investigate online by searching the Deep Web, the Archived Web, the Dark Web and the Social Web plus historical DNS and Domain name registration records to determine how, when and where the online activity took place. If your individual or corporate identity has been compromised or besmirched, we can help you to obtain evidence and unmask the real identity of the online perpetrator in order to help you restore your good reputation.

If you or your company’s good reputation is being attacked online, or used to commit deception or fraud, call Enigma Forensics today at 312-668-0333 or contact us for a complimentary consultation.