Illinois Coronavirus COVID-19 Statistics by County

Illinois Coronavirus Deaths by County

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Illinois Coronavirus Confirmed Test Positive Cases by County

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Bar Graph from 03/23-03/29 below

U.S. Top Coronavirus/ COVID-19 Deaths by County

Data obtained from John Hopkins University GitHub Repository updated 3/29/20 7:00PM CST. Note: Some data from 3/26/20 did not get submitted to John Hopkins University in time for inclusion causing a flat report from 3/25/20 to 3/26/20 and a much larger increase 3/26/20 to 3/27/20.

Cook County appears to be experiencing a daily growth rate for the time period depicted averaging 36%. UPDATEL: 3/29/20 Growth over 3/28/20 increased to 54%!
If the current growth rate does not curtail, we will surpass 100,000 positive confirmed COVID-19 cases well before April 10th, 2020.

Illinois Coronavirus / COVID-19 Confirmed Positive Cases

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Illinois Coronavirus / COVID-19 Mortalities