Fastest Coronavirus Growth Rate by Zip Code in Illinois

The Illinois Department of Public Health began publishing Coronavirus confirmed test positive cases on 3/8/2020. The data depicted represents zip codes that have surpassed 100 COVID-19 Confirmed Positive diagnosed cases and is sorted from fastest growth rate to least. This page will continue to be updated each day following the release of new data which is usually around 4 PM daily. The top areas need local action to enforce social distancing, make rapid testing available to essential workers and ensure that people are informed and are taking measures to curtail spreading of the virus by wearing protective coverings.

Data updated as of 4/20/2020. Only Zip Codes that have data from IDPH for the current and two previous dates with more Confirmed Tests are shown. The data is ranked from highest to lowest 2 day average daily growth rate. Data from prior dates will be added back at a later time.

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