Latino Communities Taking the Lead in COVID-19 Rate of Growth

Fastest Growing Zip Codes with more than 100 confirmed Coronavirus cases

The fastest growing zip code with more than 100 confirmed positive diagnosis for COVID-19 is 60632. Brighton Park is the Chicago Community just East of Chicago Midway Airport. 88% of the population in this Zip Code is Latino. The runner up, 60608 which includes the Pilsen neighborhood and has just over 50% of the population identified as Hispanic or Latino. In third place is 60804 which is Cicero’s Zip Code. 60804 is 85% Hispanic of Latino.

State RankingZip Code4/8/204/9/20Net Change
160632, (East of Midway) Chicago, IL9211019.6%
260608, (Pilsen) Chicago, IL15818718.4%
360804 Cicero, IL12014218.3%

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