Top Things That Will Protect Company Trade Secrets

Trade Secret theft = loss in revenue. Use your spider sense when someone from your team departs the company. They can unsuspectedly upload electronic data to the Cloud for later use that will drain your company of future revenue and present an immediate loss! Be aware-hire an expert to forensically image the departed employees hard drive. It will save you money and headaches!

Every company will have an employee leave but how do you protect the company’s trade secrets from leaving with them?

It is more common that you know for employees to leave for a competitor. On their way out the door, they will take with them proprietary data that can result in great harm to an organization including; loss of employees, customers, and important revenue streams. If someone on your team recently left your company and is suspected of having joined a competitor, it is vitally important to take immediate steps to protect your organization’s electronic assets.

What types of data do departed employees take?

Enigma Forensics has seen it all!
1. Client Lists
2. Blueprints
3. Historical quotations
4. Programming files
5. Source Code
6. Rebate levels offered from various vendors
7. Supply Chain information
8. Business protocols that competition can replicate

Hire an Expert!

When investigating departed employees the first step is to create a forensic image of the past employee’s hard drive. We recommend NOT to ask an internal employee to perform this task but most importantly hire a qualified computer expert from outside your company. This avoids any underlying loyalty current employees may have for the departed team member. An expert is trained to ensure the chain of custody is preserved so that it can be presented during a trial. Many have learned that hiring an expert is worth every dime!

What are the benefits?

Enigma Forensics computer experts will look for all types of activity that took place, including websites visited, files accessed, files transferred to external media, files uploaded to DropBox or other cloud accounts, concealment activities; encryption, and deletion of electronic evidence.

If your company is on the other side of a trade secret misappropriation litigation, we encourage you to hire an expert that will perform an initial assessment of the new employee’s activities. This will provide you with the benefit of knowing if the employee did something that could prove harmful to your company. It’s not uncommon that misappropriated trade secrets are done without the new employer’s knowledge. Yet, the new employer can be named in litigation as a co-defendant! Ouch!

Enigma Forensics has worked for both the plaintiff and defendant in trade secret litigation. Our experts are CISSP certified, what is CISSP? Certified Information Systems Security Professional. This advanced level of certification is considered the gold standard in the field of information security. It is a globally recognized certification offered by (ISC)2. (ISC)2 is known to be the world’s leading organization specializing in certifications and training for professionals in the cybersecurity domain. Click here to learn more about ICS2.

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Coronavirus Case Growth Highest in Hispanic Communities

Hispanic Communities are getting hit hard with COVID-19, they have the fastest growth of all the combined population. See the data.

Using data obtained from the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website on 4/12/20 and the preceding days, we established a regularly updated summary of the fastest growing Zip Codes in Illinois sorted by 2 day growth rate and filtered by Zip Codes that have passed 100 diagnosed COVID-19 / Coronavirus positive cases.

Our analysis of the top fastest growth Zip Codes that all have experienced an average growth rate at or in excess of 10% led us to cross reference the population. Of those fastest growing 19 Zip Codes from 4/10 to 4/12, the combined population is majority Hispanic. This finding doesn’t negate that the black community is being devastated by this pandemic in greater numbers at present in Chicago, but does suggest transmission rates may be greater within the Hispanic community. This information means that communities with rapidly growing Coronavirus cases need to take immediate steps to ensure essential workers are being provided appropriate training, protective equipment and rapid testing. Many businesses in economically struggling communities are failing to protect their workers and customers and this needs to change promptly. Resources need to be prioritized to brown and black communities being disproportionately impacted by this outbreak.

Population Totals for the 19 Fastest Growing Coronavirus Confirmed Positive Zip Codes in Illinois

Black or African American203,409
American Indian1,158
Pacific Islander248
Two or More Races14,668
Click Excel link below to see the complete data

[visualizer id=”7648″]

View the most recent updated Illinois COVID-19 Statistics

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